Wire Rope Electric Winch

  • Capacity:1~65T
  • Lifting height: 10-3500m(rope capacity)
  • Lifting speed: 5~20m/min

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Wire Rope Electric Winch is widely used to install and disassembly various huge and oversize concrete and steel structure as well as mechanical equipment. This electric winch is suitable for bridge construction, port, dock, quay, etc. In a word, it is suitable for large factories, mine engineering, bridge engineering, etc.

The standard capacity of electric winch: 1t, 2t, 3.2t, 5t, 8t, 10t, 12.5t, 16t, 20t, 25t, 32t, 50t, 65t.
The Max Rope length can reach to 3500m, Min. rope length can be 20m.
The control models:Hand wheel switch or control box with push buttons or remote control.
The main motors type: Y/YZ type + electric control box or YZR type + electric resistance box.
Working speed:5~20 m/min or customized design.
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